Music for Velvet

"Every low brass player should own this CD...It is easy to understand why she is in such demand as a teacher and a soloist. The variety of music on this album would challenge the interpretive skills of any tubist. She brings that off with such incredible ease that it is easy to forget that it is a tuba that is being played - in her hands. It takes on the character of a human voice, something that many of us attempt but that few can accomplish." --NACWPI Journal, Spring 2005

"Were Velvet Brown called Velvet Bronze, her name would serve as an apt description of the timbres she coaxes from her unlikely instrument. Her musicianship, coupled with the skills of the composers on this offering, takes what would seem at first sight a novelty, a musical curio, into the realm of genuine music-making and that has been the story of many past Crystal releases." --Fanfare, Nov/Dec 2003

"These are all important works, played at an extremely high level...The playing can serve as a great model, while the literature can serve as a goal." --ITA Journal, Oct. 2004

Music for Velvet can be purchased here

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