Stiletto Brass Quintet with Doc Severinsen

Stiletto Brass Quintet, formed in 2010, has gained exposure as a leading ensemble with performances that the audience greeted with rousing ovations with Doc Severinsen and the Heartland Festival Orchestra, at the International Women's Brass Conference, the International Trumpet Guild Conference, The National Trumpet Competition, the Great American Brass Band Festival and concerts in New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon. Stiletto features five highly accomplished women from the U.S. with careers spanning the fields of orchestral, wind band, and brass chamber music: Amy Gilreath and Susan Rider, trumpets; Misty Tolle, horn; Natalie Mannix, trombone; and Velvet Brown, tuba.

"The Stiletto Brass Quintet is a group of five superb musicians whose technique and ensemble work is simply unmatched. Joyousness, melodic introspection, tenderness, excitement---the full range of emotions is in every note they play. The fact that they are beautiful women in red stilettos…well that’s just icing on the cake. If they give the impression of owning the stage, it’s because they do. I’ve seen a lot of brass quintets in my day. But the Stiletto Brass Quintet is truly a breath of fresh air and a wonderful evening’s entertainment." --Doc Severinsen

Stiletto Brass Quintet with Doc Severinsen can be purchased here

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